NumberDeliverable (number)Deliverable nameWork package numberShort name of lead participantTypeDissemination levelDelivery date (month)
D1 D1.1Kick-off Meeting1KITOTHERCO1
D2D1.2Website including internal communication tools1KITDECPU3
D3D1.3Data Management Plan Version 1.0 - Draft1KITORDPPU6
D4D1.42nd Project Meeting1KITOTHERCO9
D5D1.53rd Project Meeting1KITOTHERCO14
D6D1.64th Project Meeting1KITOTHERCO21
D7D1.75th Project Meeting1KITOTHERCO26
D8D1.8Final Project Meeting1KITOTHERCO35
D9D1.91st Annual Data Reporting1KITREPORTCO12
D10D1.102nd Annual Data Reporting1KITREPORTCO24
D11D1.113rd Annual Data Reporting1KITREPORTCO36
D12D2.1RCS Analysis2HySafeREPORTPU3
D13D2.2State of the Art Report2ALREPORTPU3
D14 D2.3LH2 installation description2ALREPORTPU4
D15D2.4LH2 Research Priorities Workshop2HySafeOTHERPU4
D16D2.5Phenomena Identification and Ranking Table Analysis2ALREPORTPU4
D17D2.6Refined Work Program2ALREPORTPU5
D18D3.1Theory and Analysis of cryogenic hydrogen release and dispersion 3NCSRDREPORTPU18
D19D3.2Computational investigation of cryogenic hydrogen release and dispersion3NCSRDREPORTPU36
D20D3.3Experimental investigation of cryogenic hydrogen release and dispersion3KITREPORTPU36
D21D3.4Summary of experiment series E3.1 (Discharge) results3PSREPORTCO11
D22D3.5Summary of experiment series E3.4 (Pool) results3PSREPORTCO19
D23D3.6Summary of experiment series E3.5 (Rainout) results3HSEREPORTCO22
D24D4.1Theory and Analysis of Ignition with specific conditions related to cryogenic hydrogen4HSEREPORTPU18
D25D4.2Computational investigation of ignition phenomena related to cryogenic hydrogen4HSEREPORTPU36
D26D4.3Experimental investigation of ignition of premixed systems with cryogenic hydrogen4HSEREPORTPU36
D27D4.4Summary of experiment series E4.1 (General ignition) results4INERISREPORTCO11
D28D4.5Summary of experiment series E4.2 (Electrostatic) results4PSREPORTCO29
D29D4.6Summary of experiment series E4.3 results4HSEREPORTCO25
D30D4.7Summary of experiment series E4.4 (Pool) results4PSREPORTCO22
D31D4.8Summary of experiment series E4.5 (Condensed phase) results4HSEREPORTCO30
D32D5.1Theory and Analysis of Combustion of Pre-mixed systems with cryogenic hydrogen5KITREPORTPU18
D33D5.2Computational investigation of combustion phenomena with cryogenic hydrogen5KITREPORTPU36
D34D5.3Experimental investigation of pre-mixed combustion phenomena with cryogenic hydrogen5KITREPORTPU36
D35D5.4Summary of experiment series E5.1 results5PSREPORTCO15
D36D5.5Summary of experiment series E5.2 results5PSREPORTCO14
D37D5.6Summary of experiment series E5.3 results5PSREPORTCO25
D38D5.7Summary of experiment series E5.5 results5HSEREPORTCO34
D39D6.1Handbook of Hydrogen Safety: chapter on LH2 safety (HySafe, M34)6HySafeREPORTPU34
D40D6.2Guidelines for safe design and operation of LH2 infrastructure (AL, M35)6ALREPORTPU35
D41D6.3Recommendations for RCS6ALREPORTPU35
D42D6.4White Paper6KITREPORTPU35
D43D6.5Detailed description of novel engineering tools for LH2 safety, version 26ULsterREPORTPU35
D44D6.6Plan for Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation6ULsterREPORTPU6
D45D6.7Plan for Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation; 1st Update6ULsterREPORTPU18
D46D6.8Plan for Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation; 2nd Update6ULsterREPORTPU36
D47D6.9Report on the Communication Activities carried out to the General Public6HySafeREPORTPU36