The 3rd PRESLHY Workshop of Experimental was organised on 30 July 2020, 14:30 – 16:30 CEST online via GotoMeeting
The focus was on the liquid pool experiments performed by partner ProScience.


1) Short motivation/intent of the experiments
2) Description of the set-up, sensors etc.
3) Experimental matrix
4) Results (measurement data, curves, correlations, videos including post-processing steps)
5) Discussion of exploitation – all (modelling, benchmarking, scientific publication,…..)


TJ: Thomas Jordan KIT
AV :       Alexandros Venetsanos NCSRD
AO: Anders Odegard
AD: Andrey Denkevits KIT
AH: Asmud Huser DNV GL
DC: Donatella Cirrone UU
DH: Deborah Houssin AL
DM: Dmitriy Makarov UU
EH: Ethan Hecht SNL
NG:       Necker, Gottfried PS
GA: Graham Atkinson
LP: Lee Phillips Shell
MJ: Michael Johnson DNV GL
OH: Olav Roald Hansen HYEX Safety
AP: Andrzej Pekalski, Shell
PS:        Pratap.Sathiah Shell
PM: Pietro Moretto
SG :       Stella Giannissi NCSRD
MV:       Molkov, Vladimir UU
CD :      Cirrone, Donatella UU
ZR: Zhaoxin Ren UWAR
CL: Chris LaFleur SNL
FA :       Friedrich, Andreas PS
KM:       Kuznetsov, Mike KIT

Documentation of the event

The presentation is available via

The videos showing the explosion of the pool with the gravel bed (also reflected in the animated gif above) are available via the below links (better qualities will be provided via KITopen)

The following discussion started

Olav Roald Hansen, HYEX Safety (an Alle): 14:59: The pool temp is exactly the N2 freezing point (40K higher than LH2 BP), are you sure there is LH2 in the pool and not frozen air?

chris lafleur (an Alle): 15:45: the image is frozen on the VLC cone

Pekalski, Andrzej A GSUK-PTS/SE (an Alle): 15:46: No image is seen

Olav Roald Hansen, HYEX Safety (an Alle): 15:51: How long before explosion was the hydrogen injection stopped?

Pekalski, Andrzej A GSUK-PTS/SE (an Alle): 15:51: Do you expect so much CO2 there?

chris lafleur (an Alle): 15:59: It looks like a leak from the seam in the container

Stella Giannissi (NCSRD) (an Alle): 16:00: Unfortunately, I have to leave. Thank you for the presentations. Goodbye to all.

chris lafleur (an Alle): 16:07: could the rapid evaporation of the pool “blow out” the initial H2 flame

chris lafleur (an Alle): 16:07: and then the orange flame reignited that mass of gaseous H2 and was a delayed ignition?

Olav Roald Hansen, HYEX Safety (an Alle): 16:22: Thank you!

Pekalski, Andrzej A GSUK-PTS/SE (an Alle): 16:22: Many thanks!!!