NoNameResponsible PartnerPlanned DateActual Date
1Experiment series E3.1 (KIT Small Scale Multi-Phase Discharge) startedNCSRD01 Jun 2018
2Experiment series E3.1 completedNCSRD01 Sep 2018
3Experiment series E3.4 (KIT Pool evaporation and cryo-pump effect) startedNCSRD01 Jan 2019
4Experiment series E3.4 completedNCSRD01 May 2019
5Experiment series E3.5 (HSL Rainout tests) startedNCSRD01 Feb 2019
6Experiment series E3.5 completedNCSRD01 Aug 2019
7Experiment series E4.1 (INERIS General Ignition Properties) startedHSE01 Jun 2018
8Experiment series E4.1 completedHSE01 Sep 2018
9Experiment series E4.2 (KIT Electrostatic Charge) startedHSE01 Oct 2019
10Experiment series E4.2 completedHSE01 Apr 2020
11Experiment series E4.3 (HSL Ignition of Cold Plume) startedHSE01 Jul 2019
12Experiment series E4.3 completedHSE01 Dec 2019
13Experiment series E4.4 (KIT Ignition above pool) startedHSE01 May 2019
14Experiment series E4.4 completedHSE01 Aug 2019
15Experiment series E4.5 (HSL Ignition of condensed phase) startedHSE01 Feb 2020
16Experiment series E4.5 completedHSE01 May 2020
17Experiment series E5.1 (KIT Jet fires) startedKIT01 Sep 2018
18Experiment series E5.1 completedKIT01 Jan 2019
19Experiment series E5.2 (KIT FA & DDT) startedKIT01 Jun 2018
20Experiment series E5.2 completedKIT01 Dec 2018
21Experiment series E5.3 (KIT Flame dynamics above pool) startedKIT01 Jul 2019
22Experiment series E5.3 completedKIT01 Oct 2019
23Experiment series E5.5 (HSL Flame in obstructed cloud) startedKIT01 Feb 2020
24Experiment series E5.5 completedKIT01 Aug 2020
25ToC of Handbook of Hydrogen Safety: chapter on LH2 safetyULster01 Jan 2019
26ToC of Guidelines for safe design and operation of LH2 infrastructureULster01 Mar 2019
27ToC of White paperULster01 Jul 2019
28Brochure and preliminary programme of the dissemination conferenceULster01 Nov 2019
29Detailed description of novel engineering tools for LH2 version 1ULster01 Jan 2020
30Discussion draft of recommendations for RCSULster01 May 2020