Hydrogen is an attractive energy carrier, versatile in production and use, for instance as a carbon free fuel in transport. It is one of the most promising options for large scale storage of volatile renewable energy, wind and solar.

LH2 release test at HSE test site in Buxton, UK

In its cryogenic liquid state (LH2)  hydrogen provides largest densities and some intrinsic safety advantages. Therefore,  LH2 is attractive for scaling up supply infrastructures for e.g. for fuel cell driven trains, ships or car or truck fleets.

Industry knows how to handle LH2 safely. However, the new applications imply new conditions and untrained users.

PRESLHY, a EU FCH JU 2.0 co-funded research and innovation activity (Project ID 779613), investigates respective knowledge gaps and will close these gasp with a large experimental program providing new validated models and engineering correlations for efficiently safe design and operation of innovative hydrogen solutions.