Bill Gates not on LH2

According to several press releases (e.g. ) Bill Gates should have ordered the world’s first liquid hydrogen-powered superyacht, worth an estimated half billion Euro. This turned out to be a hoax.

Anyway, the planned ship named Aqua has a length of 112 meters and is equipped with inifinity pool helicopter landing, spa, etc… It was publicised last year at the Monaco yacht show by the Dutch design firm Sinot.

Aqua by Sinot

The LH2 is stored in two vacuum-sealed tanks, each providing a 28 ton capacity. This inventory shall be sufficient for a 6000 km range. As supply with LH2 will be difficult at all harbours worldwide there will be an alternative Diesel fired drivetrain.

The vessel is unlikely to take to the seas before 2024, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

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