The objectives of this phenomena oriented work package are:

  • to complete the experimental database on cryogenic LH2 combustion, including laminar steady state and turbulent combustion and detonation of LH2 and gaseous hydrogen in air at cryogenic temperatures,
  • to analyse experimental data in order to develop and validate existing or generate new models for LH2 combustion, and
  • to develop empirical and semi-empirical engineering correlations for practical applications.

The phenomena include, but are not limited to:

  • LH2 jet fire behaviour, including scaling and radiation properties
  • Burning LH2 pool behaviour, radiation characteristics
  • Cryogenic hydrogen combustion in a layer geometry relevant to flame spread over the spill of LH2
  • Flame acceleration and deflagration-detonation-transition for cryogenic hydrogen-air clouds in an enclosure.
  • LH2 combustion in an enclosure. Effects of pressure, temperature, heat radiation, convection, geometry, pressure peaking, etc.

The major characteristics to be investigated should be the pressure, temperature, heat flux, and dynamics of the processes. Effects of scale and turbulence should also be considered as parameters of the processes. Similar to LH2 distribution the combustion analysis shall include confinement geometry and obstructions.

Similar as the other phenomena oriented work packages WP3 and WP5 the work is substructures in

  • WP5.1 Theory and Analysis
  • WP5.2 Simulations
  • WP5.3 Experiments

This work package is led by Mike Kuznetsov, KIT.